Sunday, June 14, 2009

this may have been one of the most fun weekends ive had in a long time.
i wish i had photographic evidence. but im just not one to carry around a digital camera. sorry.
and how good are the bloody veils!!
im so into them this weekend. 'advice for young mothers to be' by the veils is my song of the week.  seriously ive had it on repeat haha.

im really pleased with my life at the moment. content. i have dreams and goals. but if my life stayed like this till the day i died. i wouldnt complain. 
seriously i have the best group of friends. when you can get so much kicks out of just sitting in a chair eating corn ships and drinking coca cola, listening to grizzly bear on vinyl and just talking til 5am... you know your friends are perfect.

a maximum of like 6 people will read this.. ha.

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