Sunday, May 17, 2009

this weekend was a 50/50 weekend, half good, half utter shit.
i stepped on a broken bottle on the beach friday night and had to seek medical help, i mean... who leaves broken bottles on the beach, any rubbish for that matter. 
alot of my friends are having tough times right now too, and that brings me down, i just wish there was something i could do for them.
i didnt get to see my best friend this weekend either, and there going to melbourne this weekend, so that sucked.
i did get to hang with people i havn't seen in ages though, lots of people i missed. i got to share a kebab (a love of mine) with two great girls that i have missed so that was good. and i went to an arts market with some close friends that was fun walking around the city. and i corrupted my ipod with lots of new music from a friends computer.
so you see it was good and bad.

my sister introduced me to the first season of beverly hills: 90210. originally aired the year i was born.. not sure if thats a good or bad thing yet haha. xx

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

see rach!

rach this is the envelope Deth P. Sun sent me, not as colourful as yours, but the contents where the true gold. i just keep this as a token of his love. (note the top of the picture below it..familiar? haha)

Monday, May 11, 2009


Heres a segment i like to call: MICHAEL'S MIND
its where i tell you, the viewer, what items are on my mind this week.. or month, or how ever often i will update this. the point of this is to recommend some killer material for you.

a beautiful film by wes anderson. i just really like the cinematography, and the colours are great.

a pad of coloured A5 paper. realy fun to draw, doodle, and write on. also available in pastels.

the best biscuts you'll ever eat. i kid you not. weird i know, potato.. but mind blowing

on the road, jack kerouac.. need i say more. inspirational.

my friend cameron is very talented at making music. he just wrote, recorded and produced this album on his own under the name pepa... its really amazing. buy it
this is a fluro pink barbie sneaker on a necklace ive been wearing. i made it. buy one off me.

Monday 11 of may

a good friend of mine, Rachel Taylor, possibly one of the few genuinely cool people out there, well she has this blog.
and i really like reading up on it. 
so i decided to continue the fun and create my own.
im new to this, so bare with me.