Sunday, May 17, 2009

this weekend was a 50/50 weekend, half good, half utter shit.
i stepped on a broken bottle on the beach friday night and had to seek medical help, i mean... who leaves broken bottles on the beach, any rubbish for that matter. 
alot of my friends are having tough times right now too, and that brings me down, i just wish there was something i could do for them.
i didnt get to see my best friend this weekend either, and there going to melbourne this weekend, so that sucked.
i did get to hang with people i havn't seen in ages though, lots of people i missed. i got to share a kebab (a love of mine) with two great girls that i have missed so that was good. and i went to an arts market with some close friends that was fun walking around the city. and i corrupted my ipod with lots of new music from a friends computer.
so you see it was good and bad.

my sister introduced me to the first season of beverly hills: 90210. originally aired the year i was born.. not sure if thats a good or bad thing yet haha. xx

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  1. yeah, mitchell said you cut your foot really bad at the beach that night. i cut mine pretty bad on a broken bottle last time we were at spoon bay burning books. weeird.